Aussie Beef: A Flavorful Journey Brought to Your Homes by Refined Selections

Let us take you on a delectable adventure as we explore the world of Australian beef and discover what makes it truly exceptional. We're leaving behind the jargon and diving straight into the heart of why Australian beef stands out, offering a unique blend of flavor, diversity, and an unforgettable culinary experience.

The Beef Odyssey

The Beef Odyssey

One of the remarkable aspects of Australian beef is the incredible variety it brings to your plate. From the rich Angus to the indulgent Wagyu, there's a beef breed to match every mood and palate. Whether you're in the mood for the velvety marbling of Wagyu or the robust, hearty flavors of Angus, Australian beef has you covered.

Refined Selections, your trusted source for premium beef, goes the extra mile by exclusively importing cattle from Australia. These cattle are hand-picked by experts from Darwin, Australia, and are transported with the utmost care on special cargo ships, ensuring their cleanliness and health during the 8-day journey across the Pacific. Upon arrival, they enjoy a brief ride to a sprawling farm in Pampanga, where they bask in the sun and savor nutritious meals.

The Australian Beef Grading - A Unique Approach

While terms like USDA Prime or A5 Wagyu are well-known, the Australian Meat Standards Australia (MSA) grading system might not be a household name just yet. MSA is all about keeping it real and comprehensive. It's not just about marbling; it's about looking at the whole package. Think of it as your trusty sidekick, ensuring your meaty desires are met. MSA evaluates various factors, including marbling, meat color, pH, and more, making it a breeze to choose the perfect beef.

MeatnBone has delved into these grading systems, and you might be surprised to know that Refined Selections consistently offers beef graded between MSA 6 to 8, equivalent to a USDA 5+ or BMS A4 to A!

Beef Grading System

Beef That Puts You First

What truly distinguishes Australian beef is its unwavering commitment to your taste buds. The MSA system centers on creating an extraordinary eating experience, not just focusing on technical details but on what you love. Your preferences matter, and that's why we always ask what you're craving. Count on the experts at Refined Selections to ensure you savor the best of Australian beef every time.


While American and Japanese beef grading systems have their merits, Australian beef is a culinary adventure tailored to your unique palate preferences. MSA keeps it straightforward and genuine, offering a world of flavors, diversity, and a strong emphasis on your enjoyment. Whether you're a fan of marbling, savor Angus classics, or want to explore something extraordinary like Wagyu, Aussie beef caters to everyone's palate. The next time you feel like making your Lola’s Beef Caldereta or  crave that mouth-watering Ribeye steak, let it be an Aussie beef adventure – a journey your taste buds will savor long after the last bite.

To enjoy genuine, fresh Australian beef, explore our product selection and conveniently place your order online. We offer delivery anywhere in Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Pampanga, Pangasinan, and Baguio, bringing the rich flavors of Australia right to your doorstep.

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