From Pastures to Plates: RSRH, the Family Behind Refined Selections and The Beef Deli

From Pastures to Plates: RSRH, the Family Behind Refined Selections and The Beef Deli

Saddle up, friends, for a story seasoned with years of experience and a heapin' helping of family love! As a family, RSRH has spent over 50 years whispering secrets to cows and wrangling the finest livestock. Recently, aside from making our beef available online ( and in our beefshops (Refined Selections Beefshops), we finally decided to let our own culinary flag fly: The Beef Deli by Refined Selections. This ain't no flash-in-the-pan rustle—this dream's been simmerin' on the back burner for ages, and now it's cookin' hot!

Picture this: juicy, melt-in-your-mouth cuts of prime Australian beef, sourced from the same folks who bring you the legendary Refined Selections Beefshop. Imagine them sizzlin' on the grill, whisperin' tales of sun-drenched pastures and meticulous care. Each dish is a masterpiece, hand-crafted by our family, a symphony of flavors orchestrated with generations of knowledge and a sprinkle of secret spices.

We ain't strangers to a good meal, y'all. We eat with gusto, laugh with forks in our hands, and believe sharing a plate is like sharin' a campfire—it warms the soul and brings folks closer. So pull up a chair, grab a napkin (and maybe a bib, those steaks are juicy!), and let The Beef Deli by refined Selections be your home away from the ranch. We'll pour our passion onto every plate, spin yarns about the land and the beasts, and make sure you leave with a belly full of good food and a heart full of memories.

And before you mosey on, a big "howdy" to LAMB magazine for hearin' our story and tellin' it so fine. Read it here, if you're feelin' a hankerin' for some extra flavor! 

The Beef Deli by Refined Selections branches are in Malolos & Plaridel Bulacan, NLEX Drive & Dine Valenzuela, and Dolores San Fernando Pampanga. Or enjoy flavourful beef at your home, order now at

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