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Sinigang Cut (Buto-Buto)

Sinigang Cut (Buto-Buto)

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Sinigang Cut is the perfect way to add a unique, flavorful boost to whatever meal you're making. Its distinct sour, salty, and savory taste comes from the combination of its key ingredients – tamarind, tomatoes, and other spices – all cut down into bite-sized chunks, and ready to add to your dish. With one simple step, Sinigang Cut unlocks an explosion of flavor for your dishes.

 Fresh Australian Beef
Type: Unseasoned Beef
Condition: Comes in Fresh Frozen (Blast frozen at the peak of freshness)
Packaging: Vacuum Pack
Expiration Date: See Product Label

Recommended cooking method:

  • Casserole
  • Corn (Meat cured and prepared by a slow, wet cook)
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